Parañaque City

The pandemic in the Philippines

this is my first time The pandemic in the Philippines, this is my first time to saw this kind of pandimec, all over in the Philippines, in my ages at 37 existing in this world, this is the only pandimec I experience, all over in the Philippines, in the year of March 12 2020 the President of the Republic of the Philippines,President Duterte announces lockdown of Manila over coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak concerns March 12; all land, sea, and air travel to and from the capital to be suspended, all over the Philippines, the lockdown is started when the lockdown is started I am staying at Parañaque City Metro manila,witch is the capital city of the Philippines, no one allowed to enterd to the other barangays’ except their own citizen only, the times goes bye all the establishment are close and the workers are suffer because mostly of the company here is no work no pay basis, and again the Government imposed another extended lockdown all over in the Philippines, the small stablishment are going to bankrupt and many stablishment already down, and many Filipinos people are suffering because they don’t have work, and many Filipinos family are starving, and […]

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