SevenSwords Penalties Policy

Penalties Policy

If ASOBIMO Support Team finds evidence of activities that violate the SEVEN SWORD User Agreement or ASOBIMO
Account Terms of Use, ASOBIMO may issue penalties against the player's service account.

Penalties Level

There are 5 levels of penalty. Anytime a player is found in violation of the policies, we hope to give only the most minor of penalties (Level 1). 
However, we must also factor in the severity of the infraction and how often the player has violated our policies in the past. Based on these factors, 
the penalty may be changed, including Account Closure, Application Suspension. After the penalty taken, ASOBIMO will not inform the reason 
about the penalty level to player but will inform the player is under the penalty.
Penalties will be applied to each account, not to each character.
Even if the character that has taken violated actions is not the character, penalty levels will be added with higher penalties applied to the characters in the same account.

Level1: 3days restriction on chat system. Level2: 7days restriction on chat system. Level3: 30dyas restriction on chat system. Level4: Chat system closure. Level5: Application Suspensions and Account Closure. Penalties policy (Penalties are based on the player who has violated the policies and the player who has violated our policies in the past.) Other Penalties type In some case the following penalties will be given. 1. In-game shop system closure 2. Seven store closure 3. Garage system closure 4. Delivery system closure 5. Seven hobby system closure 6. Seven eco system closure Example of the penalty taken The following statements are examples of what kind clauses happen and what penalty level will be given. 1. Spam Player keeps repeat meaningless words. ※It’s acceptable if it’s become a small talk. [Penalty] 1st Level1 2. Masquerade action Player pretend different player's name to speak violent language or degrade. 3. Violent/Slander Who speak violent or Slander language to specific player. [Penalty] 1st Level1 4. Harassment Sexual, racial, handicapped people racist. ※If player use symbol for naming and it’s also meaning inappropriate, will also get the same penalty. [Penalty] 1st Level2 5.Naming policy Player may not portray content that is considered pedophiliac, racially/ethnically inappropriate, sexual, violent, national sexual orientation and Obscene/Vulgar, or in any other form of inappropriate naming.. If player use symbol for naming and it’s also meaning inappropriate, will also get same penalty as inappropriate naming. [Penalty] 1st Level2 Player should remove the character. If not, when other players have informed the GM, then the penalty level will move to level3. 6. Solicitation Force to other players to give the mail address or phone number contact. [Penalty] 1st Level2 7. Act to use a defect in a program Player uses a program defect to get level experience, items, or virtual credits, etc. ※If the player spread improper act in the game, it will also get same penalty as Act to use a defect in a program. ※Depend on improper act level, might also give the shop system closure, Garage system closure, and etc. [Penalty] 1st Level3 8.BOT Act to use third party software playing the game, while the player is away. If ASOBIMO found any player act suspiciously or improper act match above statement, ASOBIMO will give the penalty immediately. [Penalty] 1st Level4 ※Shop and garage system will closure. 9. Interference with management Act to impersonate game master or interference with management [Penalty] 1st Level4 10.Transferring Accounts to Others Transferring "Seven Swords" game account with exchange to virtual items and virtual currencies of "Seven Swords" or other online games. Transferring "Seven Swords" game account with exchange to goods, money, personal information, or other information. Transferring "Seven Swords" game account to others neither paid or for free of charge. *Statements that promote account transfers are included. [Penalty] 1st Level4 *Other penalties may be applied as well. 11. Criminal case Player act to murder, suicide or spread terrorism. [Penalty] 1st Level5 Application suspensions, account closure will start immediately and contact to police station. 12. Interfere with business Player act to interfere with ASOBIMO business. [Penalty] 1st Level5 Application suspensions, account closure will start immediately and contact to police station. 13. Not on the lists above the clauses If ASOBIMO found there is any clauses not on the above list, ASOBIMO will judge depend on policy rule, legal, and also common sense to give a fair penalties to the player whom has against the rule. ASOBIMO may change, delete, and renew the Penalties Policy at any time without notice or liability. Indemnity 1.ASOBIMO may check users information so as to protect game environment and users who suffer by illegal behaviors. Last Revised June 26th, 2013
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