Frequently Asked Questions

System Related
About Murderer Status
Q. My Character's name has turned red. How do I fix this?
A. A Character's red name represents a temporary 'Murderer Status' caused by defeating other players on a Non-Battle Field map. Penalty includes, 2x Death Penalty, decrease in gained EXP, and 50% Drop Rates. You can check your 'Murderer Status' expiration by typing '/pk' within the game chat. Additional PK will extend 'Murderer Status' expiration.
About Skills
Q. How do I remove a Skill?
A. Skills cannot be removed once installed to an Item.
About Character Status
Q. What is Character Status?
A. Character Status is the following statistics of your Character.

STR: Increases Attack(ATK) and Defence(DEF)
DEX: Improves response rate when using Skills
INT: Increases Healing, Magic Attack(MATK), and Magic Defence(MDEF)
ATK: Attack Strength
DEF: Defence Strength
MATK: Magic Attack Strength
MDEF: Magic Defence Strength
WEAPON(ATK) ELEMENT: Elemental attribute of a Weapon. Add by installing an Element to your weapon. (e.g. Fire Element)
ARMOR(DEF) ELEMENT: Elemental attribute of Armor. Add by installing an Element to your armor. (e.g. Fire Element)
BONUS: Additional Status points to use to improve your Character's Status.
About Commands
Q. How do you use Commands such as Emotions?
A. Type '/xx' into the Chat Window to use Commands. Commands such as '/emo' and '/dead' require a space and an attribute to complete. The following are available Commands:

Displays a list of all available Commands.
Displays remaining Item Costs during Field Battle.
Displays Character's Expirationof Murderer Status.
Clears current Character Title
*Please be warned that Command will not display confirmation screen.
/emo emotion# count
Character will use selected emotion# and repeat as entered count.
Example: '/emo' 1 10 *Character will use emotion 1 repeated 10 times.
/dead ○○○
Set message will display when your Character is defeated.
Example: '/dead I've been defeated!' *Character will shout "I've been defeated!" when defeated
Clears all /dead settings
Displays your Character's current ranking during "Ranker Chronicle"
*This ranking will display even when Ranker Chronicle event is not available
About effective time for time limited items
Q. What will happen to the effective time for time limited items?
A.The effective time will progress while you are logged out.
Account Related
Creating a new Account
Q. How do I create a new SevenSwords Account?
A. A SevenSwords Account is automatically generated when logging into the game. Accounts cannot be deleted or renewed once an Account has already been made.
About Login Screen
Q. I have forgot my password, how do I login?
A. To recover your Account Password, use the 'LOST PASSWORD' function on the login screen. If you cannot remember your Security Question Answer, please contact Customer Support with the following information:

- SevenSwords Account ID
- Your Security Question (case-sensitive)
- Character Name (case-sensitive)
- Character's Nation
- Character's Class
- Character's Equipment
About iOS factory reset, system restore and software update
Q. What should I take into consideration when resetting or updating my device?
A. Characters data will not be saved correctly when resetting the device or restoring the systems. Plese be aware it may prompt you to reset or restore systems when updating OS version.

"iTunes(R)" can back up character data and it may help to save the data however, please note that there are no guarantees to import the data correctly. (Following procedure requires PC)
*Please note that you cannot restore data in the following cases
1. No restoration from iPhone or iPod to iPad or iPadmini.
2. No restoration from iPad or iPadmini to iPhone or iPod.

1. Install "iTunes(R)" to your PC
2. Connect your iOS device to a computer
3. Check the box "this computer"
4. Check the box "Encrypt backup in local"
5. Create backup
6. Reset your iOS device
7. Click the File menu and select Devices "Restore from Back up"
8. Complete data restoration

Please contact Customer Support when you lost your characters by resetting or restoring the systems. We would like to provide account restoration procedure. Account restoration requires users verification. We would appreciate if you take note of character name and information.

* "iOS" is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.
* "iTunes" are service marks of U.S. Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
In-Game Character Related
About Character Deletion
Q. What happens to items in my bag and garage when I delete my character?
A. Items stored in your garage will not be deleted and will be accessible to your new character. However, items in your character's bag will be deleted. Please manage your items carefully before deleting your characters.
Creating a new Character
Q. How do I add a new Character Slot for a new character?
A. You can purchase a 'Character Slot+1' item at the SevenStore to add a new Character Slot to your SevenSwords Account. To add a new Character, first use the 'Character Slot+1' item within the game, then go to the game Character Selection screen. Slide the screen to the left or right to move to a new open slot. Press the 'CREATE' button to create a new Character.
Cost & Charge Related
About Game Fees
Q. Does it cost money to play Seven Swords?
A. Seven Swords is free to play, however transactions through the AppStore is required for in-game coins to purchase additional add-on products.
About Coins
Q. What are coins for?
A. Coins are used to purchase special items within the game. Items vary in cost, and will require players to consume coins on purchase.
What to do when the message [Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction] shows when purchasing coins
Q.A message [Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction] shows up when purchasing coins and I cannot complete the purchase.
A.The error message above may show up when you exceed a certain amount of purchases in a short period of time.
Please contact Apple Support when the error occurs.

Directions on how to contact Apple Support
1.Choose [Support] from the Apple Official Site.
2. Choose [Contact Apple Support] to move to the page, and choose the blue button [Get started].
3. From [All Products & Services], choose [iTunes] and then [iTunes Store].
4. From [Select a Topic], choose [Connecting & Downloading] then [Downloading and updating applications] then choose the blue button [Continue].
5. Choose [Email] from [More Options].

The contact form will show up, please fill out the form and send your message.
Error Related
About Corrupt Data Files
Q. Game displays, "Corrupt Game Data." How do I play?
A. Installation may have failed. Please try the following to resolve this issue:

- Delete Application
- Reinstall Application
- Update iOS to latest version
About Fiend Entry Errors
Q. Game displays, "You could not join field." How do I login?
A. This message is displayed when a player tries to login to a new field within a short period of time. Please wait a moment to be able to login to the field again. If your wait is longer than a few minutes, please contact Customer Support.


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